What you wear can have a greater impact than you think

What you wear can have a greater impact than you think

Each one of us has a responsibility for the cultural safety within our organisation. We are all responsible for how we work with Aboriginal staff, students, colleagues and community members.

It is the right of every Aboriginal child to be immersed in their culture. It is about connections, relationships and experiences and it is the greatest source of resilience for Aboriginal children.

Creating a culturally safe environment for all individuals to feel comfortable, supported and respected, is aligned with the values, principles, attitudes, policies and structures in place. In many instances, individuals are overwhelmed with the influx of this information and the thought of where to start to create that culturally safe environment for their students, staff or employees can seem more difficult.

The simplest and most deadly place to start, and a little life hack of ours, is with what you’re wearing! A deadly lanyard, tee, polo shirt, hat or scarf, could be that starting point to building key relationships and trust with your colleagues, students and the wider community.

Fortunately, there is a plethora of First Nations owned businesses that you can engage with to provide you with the key essentials and deadly gear to create that culturally safe space and welcoming environment for all.

Let us help you get started with some of these deadly ideas:

1. Our very own Deadly Ed Nura Lanyards are a great addition to any outfit. “Nura” meaning country or place, is a great starting point for a yarn, and even better, they look flash too.

2. Clothing the gaps are a Victorian based, Aboriginal owned business aiming to unite people through fashion and cause. They offer a vast variety of clothing and accessories perfect for all styles! My pick for 2021 and to still look flash while your face is half covered, are their 3 ply face masks. Also, don’t go past their deadly socks!

3. BW Tribal are a QLD based, First Nations owned business showcasing the wonderful work & art of mob through their apparel, allowing you to benefit from their innovative and creative styles. Their range covers Womens, Mens & kids and offers the perfect range for our teacher friends! Polo shirts to business shirts, ties and scarves, there’s no better way to create that culturally aware environment whether it be in the office, classroom or even parent teacher night!

4. Gammin Threads is an Aboriginal owned business based in NSW. Tahnee offers a great range of garments and accessories to add that trend to your style. Perfect for everyday wear, those sporting carnivals, or casual Fridays in the office. My favourite is the GAMMIN tee, a definite crowd favourite. You’ll soon be hearing GAMMIN a lot more (hopefully not yourself).

Reminder, this is only a snapshot of the hundreds of Aboriginal owned apparel businesses out there, who can help you have a positive impact on the surrounding environment, simply by what you’re wearing.

Finally, to take this a step further, consider asking your Aboriginal kids, staff or community on their thoughts. A great community engagement activity we’ve done in the past is designing a staff polo shirt for the school or office with the kids or one of our local parents/artists.

Don’t forget to tag us @deadlyed_ in your latest threads for the office and show us how you are creating a culturally safe environment through what you wear to work.

Stay Deadly!


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