Spring Cleaning Your Cultural Education Starts Today

Spring Cleaning Your Cultural Education Starts Today

The start of Spring marks a feeling of triumph for the year. It allows us to reflect on what our students, organisation, wider community and ourselves personally, have been able to achieve in terms of Aboriginal education outcomes, and also gives us that feeling of the home straight to the end of the year.


We might not feel as though we’ve done a high volume of events or activities compared to previous years during Close the Gap, National Reconciliation Week, Sorry Day, NAIDOC or World Indigenous children’s day – this ‘cultural learning season’ (as we call it) can certainly burn out the very best and most passionate staff.


With today also marking Indigenous Literacy Day, we can all take a big sigh of relief that we have made it through this frantic period and personally reflect upon what we have either achieved so far, and future aspirations for ourselves, students, colleagues, or the wider community, in relation to Aboriginal education. Indigenous Literacy Day being at the start of Spring, coincides with various cultural changes in our environment – particularly with our native flora and fauna, (which you can actively teach and learn more about via our classroom activity available here).


As an alternative to another day of activities or events for Indigenous Literacy Day, use today as an opportunity to get outside to experience the changes in culture that the start of Spring naturally gifts around us. Look into how you can support organisations that focus on the literacy of our next generation of Aboriginal kids, such as Indigenous Literacy Foundation, via directly donating, purchasing their resources or supporting Aboriginal businesses who contribute to Aboriginal education & literacy outcomes. We can also take the personal approach to teaching our students or colleagues how and why many First Nations children across Australia are at a disadvantage with literacy, and instil a sense of personal accountability for them to make a positive difference now and into the future.


Another opportunity that the start of Spring provides, which we’ve seen a range of schools and organisations contact us about already, is planning their cultural learning activities & programs pipeline for 2022. Doing a review of your personal, classroom or staff cohort’s cultural learning, plus the new and existing ideas you’d like to get ticked off the bucket list, can all start from today. Whether this be professional development needs, finally getting that bush tucker garden started, to doing a stocktake on the cultural learning resources, activities and programs you would like to kickstart 2022 off on the right foot.


Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to the look and feel of a space. Use today as your annual marker to check in, reflect and set future goals regarding Aboriginal Education for yourself, your students and organisation.


Stay deadly!



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